Meet the Cats

Nishiko and Xanthe

They are Bengals, bought from a breeder in Wigan, in 2009. They were two of a litter of six sisters.

Nishiko (A Japanese name meaning "Child of the west".)

Nishiko is a very intelligent girl but 'tragically misunderstood' - she will let you know in her own ways what she wants or needs (but after all these years she is still trying to teach us what she is trying to say)!
She loves to be stroked on her head and back but is very fidgity before settling down. Her tummy is a no-go-zone.

Best known for: being naughty when she doesn't get what she wants or needs.

Also called: Nishi, Naughty Nishi.

Xanthe (Derived from Greek ξανθος (xanthos) meaning "yellow" or "fair hair".)

Xanthe loves to sit on our laps in front of the computers or join us in bed for cuddles and tummy rubs. Most of the time you can find her lounging on the sofa or sunbathing at the window sill.
She will also have her regular 'funny five minutes' and run crazily around the house. She is somewhat of a dare-devil and has a head for hights.

Best known for: Climbing up and jumping from high places.

Also called: Golden Girl, Daddy's Girl.

Daedalus (Latinized form of the Greek Δαιδαλος (Daidalos) which meant "cunning" or "curiously wrought".)

Daedalus was bought from a friend, near Eastbourne, in 2012. He was one of a litter of four.

Daedalus is the baby of the McCormack Cats. He is very playful but the Girls find him too boisterous and will tell him off with a hiss or a growl. He has a fondness for Nishiko and will back her up in any fight against Xanthe.

He doesn't like doors being closed and will cry until they are reopenned. He is a big softy at heart!

Best known for: Playing with his best friend, his 'Rattlesnake'.

Also called: Daeda, Diddy, Baby Boy, Diddymus, Darth Daeda, Daedor.