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Cats Protection is the UK's leading cat welfare charity, rehoming and reuniting over 46,000 cats and kittens every year through its nationwide network of over 250 volunteer-run branches and 29 adoption centres.

Cats Protection also promotes the benefits of neutering for a happy and healthy pet and produces a range of cat care information to encourage responsible pet ownership.

You can become a Cats Protection Sponsor for a minimum of just £6 a month – that’s the equivalent of 19p a day. Of course, you’re welcome to make a bigger gift each month, or sponsor more than one pen – we need all the help we can get to care for these vulnerable cats.

Through the Cat Chat website, we aim to help rescue centres in any way we can, to find more homes for cats in their care. Rescue centres are still continually full with stray, abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens, and despite the constant message of 'neuter, neuter, neuter!' it still seems there are too many homeless cats and too few homes. There are literally thousands of cats in care in the UK and Ireland right now, and it is still a sad fact that many cats are put to sleep each year because there are simply not enough homes to go round. We aim to do all we can to redress that balance.

Become a Cat Chat 'Silver Friend' for a year for a donation of just £10 and you will receive an exclusive die-struck metal badge (below), a car/window sticker (right), plus our quarterly news updates through the year. You will also be entered into our quarterly 'Friends' prize draw.
For a donation of £25 you can become a 'Gold Friend' for a year. You will receive a copy of the stunning Royal Canin 'Cat Encyclopaedia', an exclusive 'Friends' badge (below), a car/window sticker (right), plus our quarterly news updates through the year. You will also be entered into our quarterly 'Friends' prize draw.

In 2014, PDSA celebrates 97 years of caring for the sick and injured animals of people in need.

We are proud of our heritage and our achievements. For it is these that have made PDSA what it is today; the UK's leading veterinary charity.

But we cannot afford to stand still because the need for our veterinary care is as great as ever.

By donating as little as £3 per month – that’s less than £1 a week – you’ll be enrolled as a PDSA Best Friend and as our pet patients can’t say ‘thank you’, we like to say ‘thank you’ on their behalf. PDSA Best Friends receive the following exclusive gifts:

A welcome pack containing:
  • A special PDSA shopping trolley token
  • PDSA Pen
  • Personalised certificate
  • Personalised address labels
You’ll also receive our special Companions magazine, quarterly. Companions is packed full of articles and features on a variety of animal interest subjects from how to train your dog, to celebrity interviews, plus hints and tips on pet care from PDSA experts. You can also enjoy special offers on holidays and a range of products and services as an additional thank you for supporting PDSA.

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