2 September 2015

Café Schnurrke

Before Mummy and Daddy left Cologne, Mummy went to visit Cologne's very own Cat Café, called Café Schnurrke, which is the first Cat Café in Germany and is a furever home to four very friendly rescue cats from Spain: Tiga, Betty, Emma and Gino.

Cafe Schnurrke is situated in a very quiet area of the City. When Mummy spoke to the waitress she was told that the cafe is known more by the tourists who find their information on the Internet, than by the locals of Cologne!

Mummy thought that the decor of the cafe was very 'home from home', with comfortable chairs, cushions and sofas to sit on and plenty of cat furniture for the resident kitizens, including a couple of boxes, a big cat tree and lots of shelves on the walls for the cats to jump onto. There was also a huge range of toys for the cats.

Mummy said that she got to see all four of the cats! She said that she saw Tiga first who was sat on a table. Mummy said that Tiga was very welcoming. Then Mummy noticed Betty lying on a cushion on the sofa and Emma sleeping on a cushion on a box. They were equally friendly and enjoyed receiving strokes from Mummy. The last cat Mummy got to meet was Gino. He is the only mancat at the cafe and Mummy thought he was a 'cheeky chap' as he jumped straight onto her lap for a cuddle.

Mummy said that whe would definately visit the cafe again if she and Daddy ever returned to Cologne.

 If you would like to know more about Cafe Schnurrke, or are thinking about visiting them in Cologne, Germany, please visit their facebook page, where you will find a link to their official website.

Purrs and Headbutts

Xanthe xxx

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