31 August 2015

Monday Magic

Nishiko: Mummy and Daddy are back from their holidays.

Xanthe: But we didn't even have time to let you all know that they were on their holidays, because Mummy was very busy before setting off.

Daeda: So we couldn't even let you know that about coming over to ours for a party.

Nishiko: They said that they had a very good time there. They visited the zoo and Mummy went to a cat café!

Daeda: OMC! A café for cats?

Nishiko: Not quite... 

Xanthe: We'll explain it to you later, Daeda. Other news... Mummy has been busy and updated the look of our blog! What do you think? This is the new artwork she created in photoshop:

Nishiko: Our facebook page and Google+ page will also be updated this week to feature the new artwork.

Daeda: Isn't it magic?

Purrs and Headbutts
Nishiko, Xanthe and Daedalus

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