31 October 2015

Happy Halloween!




I'm joining the Athena's Caturday Art Blog Hop. These pieces of art were createdusing Photoshop.

Purrs and Headbutts

Daedalus, Nishiko and Xanthe xxx

10 October 2015

5 October 2015

Mancat Monday

Just chilling on the fish tank... I've done quite badly at Cat Scouts in September. I only got two badges, but it wasn't my fault! Mummy just didn't do anything...

But the ones I did get were fun getting. I went to my first Birthday Party, which was themed back to school. Here are a few pictures of me and the other scouts in the play ground and in the cafeteria.

I went to the Carnival as well. That was very busy because I was in charge of the carnival masks and all the Cat Scouts want my fancy masks! Here is a picture of my booth.

So here is my updated patch board with my September Birthday Party Badge and my Carnival Participation Badge!

If you would like to join me and other kitizens at Cat Scouts, please click here.

Purrs and Buttheads

Daeda xxx

3 October 2015

Caturday Art with Daeda

Tomorrow at Cat Scouts, we are going to be celebrating October Birthdays and Gotcha Days. We are going to be having an Oktoberfest themed party! For this occasion, Mummy has done me an Oktoberfest poster. Check me out!

I'm joining the Athena's Caturday Art Blog Hop. This piece of art was created using Photoshop.

Purrs and Buttheads

Daedalus xxx

1 October 2015

13 September 2015

True Selfie Sunday

I saw Mummy taking photos of herself using a timer on her camera. So I asked Mummy if I could use it so that I could take a 'true' selfie of Me, instead of her taking one of me... Here is the result:

Aren't I handsome AND clever?!

Purrs and Buttheads

Daedalus xxx 

12 September 2015

9 September 2015

Mo' Cats Day 2015 Movie Special!

For Mo' Cats Day, I have decided to post this video of me and Daddy.

Happy Mo Cats Day from all of us!

Purrs and Headbutts

Xanthe xxx

7 September 2015

Mancat Monday Cat Scout Daeda Returns!

OMC! I'm so pleased that Mummy and Daddy are back from their holidays. I'm feeling much happier now. Mummy has been helping me to complete my merit badges for Cat Scouts. It's so much fun!

For my Camouflage Merit Badge, which I found very easy, I had to prove that  I can blend in well with my surroundings. So long as it's not white, I'm the mancat for the job!

Can you see me?

 Here I am!

And for my Bird Study Merit Badge, I watched Mummy swing our bird on a string toy!

Aren't I a good Cat Scout?

Now I have five Merit Badges on my Merit Patch Board!

If you would like to join me and other kitizens at Cat Scouts, please click here.

Purrs and Buttheads

Daeda xxx

6 September 2015

5 September 2015

Yay or Nay - Caturday Art

Daeda seems to think that it is all good sitting next to me... 
 I on the other paw, don't.

We're joining the Athena's Caturday Art Blog Hop. This piece of art was created on the mobile app Aviary.

Purrs and Headbutts

Xanthe xxx

3 September 2015

Cat Scout Daeda in the Garden

 Daeda's Patch Board has been updated:

If you wold like to join the Cat Scouts, please click here.

Purrs and Headbutts

Daeda and Xanthe xxx

2 September 2015

Café Schnurrke

Before Mummy and Daddy left Cologne, Mummy went to visit Cologne's very own Cat Café, called Café Schnurrke, which is the first Cat Café in Germany and is a furever home to four very friendly rescue cats from Spain: Tiga, Betty, Emma and Gino.

Cafe Schnurrke is situated in a very quiet area of the City. When Mummy spoke to the waitress she was told that the cafe is known more by the tourists who find their information on the Internet, than by the locals of Cologne!

Mummy thought that the decor of the cafe was very 'home from home', with comfortable chairs, cushions and sofas to sit on and plenty of cat furniture for the resident kitizens, including a couple of boxes, a big cat tree and lots of shelves on the walls for the cats to jump onto. There was also a huge range of toys for the cats.

Mummy said that she got to see all four of the cats! She said that she saw Tiga first who was sat on a table. Mummy said that Tiga was very welcoming. Then Mummy noticed Betty lying on a cushion on the sofa and Emma sleeping on a cushion on a box. They were equally friendly and enjoyed receiving strokes from Mummy. The last cat Mummy got to meet was Gino. He is the only mancat at the cafe and Mummy thought he was a 'cheeky chap' as he jumped straight onto her lap for a cuddle.

Mummy said that whe would definately visit the cafe again if she and Daddy ever returned to Cologne.

 If you would like to know more about Cafe Schnurrke, or are thinking about visiting them in Cologne, Germany, please visit their facebook page, where you will find a link to their official website.

Purrs and Headbutts

Xanthe xxx

1 September 2015

Cologne Zoo

When Mummy and Daddy went on holiday to Cologne, in Germany, they visited the City Zoo. They saw all kinds of animals: lots of different birds, monkeys and fish, hippos, rhinos, elephants and giraffes, crocodiles and some creepy crawlies.

But Mummy's favorite animal was Hanya the Tiger, who came right up to the glass window to welcome her. Mummy took this really good video of Hanya.


  Mummy liked Hanya the Tiger so much that she bought herself a little tiger to remember her by and called him Koln.


I hope you enjoy these photos and the video as much as we did.

Purrs and Headbutts

Nishiko xxx

31 August 2015

Monday Magic

Nishiko: Mummy and Daddy are back from their holidays.

Xanthe: But we didn't even have time to let you all know that they were on their holidays, because Mummy was very busy before setting off.

Daeda: So we couldn't even let you know that about coming over to ours for a party.

Nishiko: They said that they had a very good time there. They visited the zoo and Mummy went to a cat café!

Daeda: OMC! A café for cats?

Nishiko: Not quite... 

Xanthe: We'll explain it to you later, Daeda. Other news... Mummy has been busy and updated the look of our blog! What do you think? This is the new artwork she created in photoshop:

Nishiko: Our facebook page and Google+ page will also be updated this week to feature the new artwork.

Daeda: Isn't it magic?

Purrs and Headbutts
Nishiko, Xanthe and Daedalus

16 August 2015

Sunday Selfie with Xanthe

Here is a close-up of my gorgeous pink tongue. Mummy is very proud of this photo because she says it's not easy to capture my tongue using her mobile phone camera!

Purrs and Headbutts

Xanthe xxx

14 August 2015

Daeda's Homework


Look, Mummy has made me a Patch Board to put all my badges on!

I've got my Tenderpaw badge, and my friendship badge and now I have me dancing badge!
I am really enjoying Cat Scouts!

Purrs and Headbutts

Daedalus xxx

13 August 2015

12 August 2015

Wordy Wednesday

Vaccination update from yours truely!

I wanted to say a big thank you for all your comments and purrs. I'm ok and I'm not going back to the V.E.T.!

Xanthe and Nishiko had their vaccines done on Monday. Mummy said that Xanthe was a very good girl cat, but Nishiko was swearing at the V.E.T. like there was no tomorrow. Other than that there have been no problems with them.

Purrs and Headbutts

Daedalus xxx

Note from Kitty: I spoke to the vet again with regards to Daeda's reaction last week. She had told me that she had looked into the matter and had come up with the theory that (in layman's terms) Daedalus may have a needle phobia, which could have stemmed back to when he was neutured in 2013. My poor Baby Boy!

I'm not sure what we are going o do with regards to future visits to the vets, but I will keep you all updated.

Kitty x

11 August 2015

Feline Furses Human Anatomy and Physiology - Digitigrade vs. Plantigrade

I learnt that cats are digitigrades, which means that we walk on our toes, whereas Mummy walks using her toes and the sole of her foot, which makes her a plantigrade. Today's anatomy post is about the structure of paws and hands and feet. Enjoy!

Digitigrade vs. Plantigrade

The cat is a digitigrade, which means that the cat stands and walks on its toes, with the bones that make up the paw raised off the ground. The human is a plantigrade, which means that the human stands and walks with its toes and bones of the feet flat on the ground.

The arms/legs of a human includes the bones of the upper arm/leg (humerus/femur) and lower arm/leg (radius and ulna/tibia and fibula). The forelegs and hind legs of a cat also includes the metacarpals/metatarsals, the bones that in a human compose the palm of the hand and the arch of the foot. The bone structures are the same but differences vary in the length of the bones and the way they are used.

More than half of the number of bones in a human are located in the hands and feet, with 27 in each hand and 26 in each foot. The structure of the bones of the foot provide the human body with a firm base that supports the body when standing and walking. The structure of the bones of the hand provide the human with the ability to manipulate objects.

The cat has five digits on each front paw and four digits on each back paw. The cat’s paws are used as a climbing aid and a shock-absorber, as well as a lethal weapon. Each front paw contains seven pads: five digital pads, one large plantar pad that supports the cat’s leg and protects it from weight-bearing leg bones, and a small wrist-pad called a pisiform. Each back paw contains four digital pads and one plantar pad. The hind feet are stronger than the front legs due to the greater strains and stresses they endure.



Mummy and Me have found lots of interesting information about paws, which is too much to put into one post, so our next Feline Furses Human Anatomy and Physiology post will being talking more about our incredible paws!

Please leave any comments below about your thoughts or how we can improve this post. Please let us know if you would like us to cover a specific topic.

Purrs and Headbutts

Nishiko and Mummy (aka Kitty) xxx

10 August 2015

Mancat Monday - Scout Daeda

Look at me! I've become a Cat Scout! I'm so excited about meeting load of new furiends and taking part in activities and collecting badges!

I only joined last night so I'm still trying to understand what I'm actually suppose to do, but hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll be able to tell you all about my adventures!

Purrs and Buttheads

Scout Daeda xxx

9 August 2015

Sunday Self and Vaccination Update

I'm just relaxing on the sofa bed in the sunshine. It's so comfortable and warm and the fan is blowing as well, so it's feels refreshing too.

We would like to say thank you for all your messages from Friday's post. Mummy really appreciated all the advice and kind words.

Nishiko and I did not go to the V.E.T. for our vaccinations on Friday. Mummy and Daddy cancelled the appointment because of what happened to Daedalus. But we will still get them done soon. When is soon?! I would prefer not going to the V.E.T. at all! But if they are going to force us to go, I would prefer it be sooner rather than later...

Purrs and Headbutts

Xanthe xxx

8 August 2015

Caturday Art Blog Hop


We're joining the Athena's Caturday Art Blog Hop. Today we are celebrating World Cat Day and wish all Kitizens a very special day! These pieces of art were created on the mobile app Aviary.

Purrs and Buttheads

Xanthe, Nishiko and Daeda xxx

7 August 2015

Fearful Friday

 Purrs and Headbutts

Nishiko and Xanthe xxx

Note from Kitty: I was so upset about what happened to Daedalus at the vet yesterday. I have never seen him react in such away. The vet said that she could not give him his vaccination because he was so stressed out. She said that his reaction was worse than that of a feral cat and advised that he see a behaviourist.

I need to know if anyone else has come across this problem with their furbabies. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Kitty xxx

2 August 2015

Sunday Selfie Bloopers

Not all photos that Mummy takes come out as hoped...


Purrs and Headbutts

Nishiko xxx

1 August 2015

Happy Caturday to Me!

It was my birthday, yesterday! I am now three years old! Mummy made me this super artwork to celebrate... I am Hot, hot hot!

So get over to my place and lets have a summer party!

We're joining the Athena's Caturday Art Blog Hop. This piece of art was created on the mobile app Aviary.

Purrs and Buttheads

Daeda xxx

29 July 2015

Wordy Wednesday - Poor Daeda Boy

It's hard to be the only Mancat of the house.

Firstly, Xanthe never wants me around and keeps swearing at me when I get too close to her. I've tried to explain to her that I just want to play and be loved. But she keeps having a go at me and then I get upset and start to chase her around the house. I don't mean to but what is the only Mancat of the house to do?

Secondly, Nishiko doesn't always want me around. She's nicer with me and will let me play with her a little or sit close to her at times, but she says I'm just too boy-like for her. I think she means that I can get a little rough and I get carried away with playtime. I don't mean to but what is the only Mancat of the house to do?

Thirdly, it's hard to be the only mancat of the house because Mummy calls me her 'Baby Boy' and smothers me with kisses and cuddles because I'm the youngest in the house. I tell her that I'm not a baby anymore and that being a Mancat requires... Erm... lots of cuddles but less kisses? But what is the only Mancat of the house to do?

Thankfully, I can go to Daddy with all my problems and we can spend some Man to Mancat time together.

Purrs and Buttheads

Daedalus xxx

28 July 2015

Feline Furses Human Anatomy and Physiology - The Skeleton

Please enjoy the next installement of our Feline Furses Human Anatomy and Physiology series: The Skeleton!

The Skeleton

The skeleton is the framework that supports and protects the vital organs, enables movement to the muscles, produces red and white blood cells as well as stores fat and nutrients for the body. The skeletal system is broken down into three subunits and can be classified according to shape.


  • The bones of the limbs (appendicular skeleton)
  • The bones of the skull, spine, ribs and sternum (axial skeleton)
  • The bones that form part of an organ, such as the middle ear (visceral skeleton).


  • Long (example: bones of the limbs)
  • Short (example: bones of the wrist and ankle)
  • Sesamoid (example: bones of the knee, hand and foot)
  • Flat (example: bones of the skull and pelvis)
  • Irregular (example: bones of the spinal column).

The human skeleton contains 206 bones, whereas the cat skeleton contains around 245 bones. This number is variable in cats. Firstly, due to the cat spinal column containing more bones than the human spinal column. This is due to the fact that a cat has a tail, and a human does not! Secondly, due to the number of toes a cat may have (example: cats with polydactyly will have more than the usual number of toes).

Seven cervical bones
Seven cervical bones
Thirteen thoracic bones
Twelve thoracic bones
Seven lumber bones
Five lumbar bones
Three sacral bones
Five sacral bones
Around twenty-two tail (caudal) bones (except the Manx cat).
Five bones fused together to form the coccyx.

Comparable information of the cat and human spinal columns

Another difference between the cat skeletal system and the human skeletal system is that the cat clavicle does not connect with other bones but is buried in the muscles of the shoulder region. This allows the cat to squeeze through narrow spaces. The human clavicle connects the arm to the body.


Please leave any comments below about your thoughts or how we can improve this post. Please let us know if you would like us to cover a specific topic.

Purrs and Headbutts

Nishiko and Mummy (aka Kitty) xxx