18 September 2014

Snooze time

Mobile Photo Marathon: When Mummy finishes a night shift at the hospital, she usually sleeps on the sofa until Daddy comes back from work.
It's the perfect time to cuddle up to her on her tummy and snooze. The sound of her breathing and heartbeat is so soothing.

Purrs and Headbutts

16 September 2014

Snoopervising the cooking

Mobile Photo Marathon: On top of the kitchen cabinet. This is where I snoopervise Mummy's and Daddy's cooking. Who has the best cooking skills? Daddy of course!

Purrs and Headbutts

10 September 2014

Cat Hampurr Time!


Mummy has told us that we won't be getting a Cat Hampurr every month now, we are so sad...