9 June 2014

Update from Nishi

Meows to all! Nishiko here with an update on how we are doing.

We are sorry about the lack of posts this last week but Mummy has been really busy with work and then she became poorly. We're all looking after her - some more so than others (see photo above, it's me on Mummy's lap).

We've got a new box to play in and a new treat ball too, which Daedalus keeps hogging. Mummy has to put him in the kitchen whilst Me and Dear Xanthe have a go at getting kitty bickies out of it. I love the treat ball and kick it all over the place with my paws but Xanthe isn't as adept as me and only pushes it with her nose. But she manages quite well.

Daedalus has been chipped. I heard Mummy tell Daddy that he made such a fuss that the VET needed to bring in a muscle man to hold him down in a towel! I thought I'd never say this but good on you Daeda Boy - we have to be feisty when it comes to the VET - I have taught him well!

Mummy found out that she has got a place at College to study Midwifery... She said that it means that in a few years time - if she is able to pass it - she'll be able to help Citizen mothers through pregnancy and delivery little humans. Well because of the good news, Mummy and Daddy celebrated with a KFC so we got a treat too.

Meows and Headbutts

Nishiko xxx

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