13 June 2014

Support Xanthe's cause...

This weekend the McCormack Cats will be promoting their chosen Charity - Cats Protection.

Meows to all Kitizens and Citizens,

My chosen subject for this weekend's Cats Protection Charity Aid is - STOP Kittens having Kittens!

Did you know that a female kitizen can become pregnant at just 4 months old?! Isn't that horrible? We're still just only kittens at that age! And yet there are many young kittens who are being abandoned because of this terrible nightmare. It's not right for a kitten to have kittens, is it.

I remember my Birth Mummy trying to look after Me, Nishiko and our 4 litter sisfurs. It wasn't an easy job for her and she was a fully grown cat. She had to keep us warm and give us milk. She had to teach us everything she knew so that we could become the Kitizens we are today. But she became very drained of energy and became very skinny because she was giving us all the nutrients she needed to keep herself healthy.

I can't imagine a kitten going through what a fully grown Mummy Cat goes through and to be abandoned by their forever home on top of it all. At that age a kitten can barely look after themselves let alone a litter of her own kittens. Poor Kitties! It breaks my heart...

But we can help them by asking our Mummys and Daddys to give a small donation to Cats Protection! They can provide for these abandoned pregnant kittens, help them bring up their first litter and then neuter them so that they won't have to worry about having anymore.

I hope you can help us help them.

Purrs and Headbutts

Xanthe xxx

If you would like to make a donation please go to the Cats Protection Website for all the details. Thank you.

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