14 June 2014

Support Nishi's cause...

This weekend the McCormack Cats will be promoting their chosen Charity - Cats Protection.

Meows to all Kitizens and Citizens,

My chosen subject for this weekend's Cats Protection Charity Aid is - STOP Young Cats' Lives Being Put in Danger!

I am so grateful that I have a forever home with my Mummy and Daddy who love me dearly and who were good enough to get us all neutered so that we can live healthier and safer lives. But I know that not all Kitizens are as lucky as Us.

Young heavily pregnant Kitizens are left unprotected to diseases like cancer, FIV, womb and mammary infections, and many dangers of labour including death of their kittens and themselves. Their lives are being put in worse danger when they are abandoned by their forever homes.

If that had ever happened to Me, I would have felt so many things - I would be scared out of my mind and so stressed out. I would feel terribly lonely, sad, unwanted and unloved.

But Cats Protection help by providing emergency care to these young Mother Cats and then neuter them so they are not in danger again. They can even provide emergency caesareans to save cats and their kittens so not as many have to go to the rainbow bridge before their time.

If you would like to help us help them just ask your Mummys and Daddys to give a small donation to Cats Protection!

Purrs and Headbutts

Nishiko xxx

If you would like to make a donation please go to the Cats Protection Website for all the details. Thank you.

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