15 June 2014

Support Daeda's cause...

This weekend the McCormack Cats will be promoting their chosen Charity - Cats Protection.

Meows to all Kitizens and Citizens,

Me and Mummy have been talking about what my chosen subject should be for this weekend's Cats Protection Charity aid.

In the middle of the night I came up with an idea . I grabbed my RattleSnake and walked him up the stairs to Mummy and Daddy's room and sat on the bed with him, meowing to wake Mummy up.

"Baby Boy, it's not time to play..." Mummy said.
I said "Mummy I got an idea for my subject."
She asked me what it was and I said "Well you know I have my RattleSnake and lots of toys to play with. You and Daddy give us lots of food and treats. But there are Kitizens in the world that don't have these things and I think it is a good idea to bring that to everyone's attention."
Mummy agreed. So here goes...

My chosen subject for this weekend's Cats Protection Charity aid is - STOP Kittens Being Born to Suffer!

Some Citizens keep cats and kittens without looking after them - they give little or no food or water. The Kitizens don't have any toys to play with. Some don't have proper litter trays and have to go to the toilet all over the house, making it very smelly. It's no position any Kitizen wants to be in.

I looked to see what Cats Protection can do to help and they are very nice people as they can give the food and water these Kitizens need. A warm bed and care are given to all. And, at four months old, all kittens are safely neutered which stop any unwanted pregnancies.

Thousands of unwanted Kitizens have been helped already but we can help thousands more! Please ask your Mummys and Daddys to give a small donation to Cats Protection!Or if you are not in the UK, please donate to your local charity!

Purrs and Buttheads

Daedalus xxx

If you would like to make a donation please go to the Cats Protection Website for all the details. Thank you.

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