6 June 2014

Nishi's Turn?

So Xanthe and Daeda Boy have both been CHIPPED and for good reason too. If they should go passed the front door or the back garden and get lost when they are found they should be able to come home.

But what about me? Well I don't need to take a visit to the VET! I'm so happy! Why? Because I have already got my CHIP. I had it many moons ago when we lived in our old house. All Mummy had to do was go on to the computer and update my information so that if I get lost I can come home here instead of our old house which is a very long way away.

I did have to remind Mummy though because she had forgotten about it. She changed my information while she was putting Xanthe's information on the computer. Now come on Mummy put down that photobox and concentrate on getting me some Kitty Bickies!

Purrs and Headbutts

Nishiko xxx

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