20 June 2014

Donations and Feathers

Meows to All! I hope you are all feeling purrfect? I am. I've been feeling good all week.

After our Cats Protection Charity Aid last weekend, Mummy said that we did so well with all of our chosen subjects that she has decided to made a donation of £15.00! Me, Nishi and Daedalus are so happy that we are able to help all those Kitizens who are suffering. We know that it  isn't much, but Mummy says that every little bit helps.

Other news, Mummy met Daddy for lunch this week and went to the pond near Daddy's work place. There are lots of Ducks there and Mummy found a bunch of Duck Feathers and brought a bag home full of them for us to play with! Me and Nishiko have had Pheasant feathers in the past from Mummy's Dear Old Grandad, but never a Duck Feather...

Oh! They smell so good!

Purrs and Headbutts

Xanthe xxx

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