19 May 2014

Mancat Monday

Last Tuesday we had a visitor at the house. Mummy and Daddy had been busy tidying the house from head to toe - if it had a head or a toe at all - before her arrival. It took them all weekend. The house was spotless, not a flick of dust or a cat hair in sight.

Well this lady came and had a good look around. I tried my best to make friends with the lady by showing her my handsomeness. I rubbed myself against the walls and the legs of tables and chairs and I showed that I was pleased to meet her with my happy tail. Mummy noticed me and gave me a cuddle, seeing that I was trying to say "hello". But the lady didn't bother looking at me, even when Mummy pointed me out to her.

Mummy asked the lady, "Don't you like cats?"
The lady cringed and said "I'm not a pet person."
Mummy asked "Why not?"

The lady said it was because she had children?! Me and Mummy were very surprised by her answer. I thought she was a rude and cheeky lady!

Purrs and Buttheads

Daedalus xxx

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